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Our story

Northern Naturals has partnered with Pahl’s Market, a licensed hemp grower and processor. The company name for our hemp license is Pahl’s Market Inc. Our goal as farmers has always been to feed as many people as we can, as well as impacting peoples overall health.  We take great pride in the fact that we are lucky enough to provide healthy vegetables for families and now have added the hemp plant to our repertoire.  Long hours, no days off, and quality is what we know and we promise that we are taking those same attributes and applying them to growing and processing Hemp. 

We started Northern Naturals to provide honest and natural CBD products to our customers.  With the help of our sister companies, Pahl’s Market and Pahl Farms, our products have been grown, processed, and manufactured in our hands allowing us to insure the highest quality for our customers.  Naturally grown, north of the competition.  

What’s important about Hemp?

The one property that is at the forefront of hemp’s usage, not only at a marketing standpoint but also as an added health benefit, is Cannabidiol (CBD).

The human body actually contains cannabidiol receptors in areas of the body that effect mood, pain, appetite, etc. You might be seeing stores that are selling CBD products, or you might be seeing stores that are strictly for CBD – all of these products came from Hemp. So, you might ask yourself, does this product contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (aka THC)? The answer is yes and no.

The amount of THC that is in the plant/flower is required to be 0.3% or less in total THC. So, to answer the question does Hemp contain THC the answer is yes, but it does not contain enough to have any psychoactive reactions. The main source/highest concentration of CBD is found in the flower of the plant, CBD can be also found throughout the entire plant but not enough to make it worth your while.

How do we get the CBD from the plant to those receptors in the body? You could dry down the flower, grind it up and smoke it much like a cigarette. This would contain the small parts of THC mentioned above. Another process is extraction, where you are taking that dried down flower and extracting the oil from it. There are several different extraction methods and Northern Naturals uses a process known as a CO2 extraction. In a nut shell, we use different levels of pressure and temperature to get our desired product (oil) from the flower. The amount of pressure in the vessel can vary from 1200-1800 psi. This amount of pressure allows the oil to be extracted from the flower and is now in a form that can be broken down further. The raw oil that comes out of the extraction process will still contain those small levels of THC in them, along with CBD, some fats, lipids, and other plant matter. Our CBD products are THC-free because they have been through other processes called winterization and distillation, resulting in a final end product of just CBD. 

For more questions please contact jack@northernnaturalshemp.com.

Meet the Owner

Jack Pahl

Grew up loving plants, and how they are able to impact peoples well being. As a 6th generation farmer Jack knows the importance of growing responsibly and has taken his pride and passion of Horticulture and added it to Hemp and the processes of CBD. Northern Naturals was created with the same goals and aspirations as the foundation laid by Pahl’s Market. Provide quality products that help enhance peoples health.

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