Hello World! Welcome to the Northern Naturals Blog! As we continue to grow our CBD business, we are always seeking to find different ways of connecting with our community and providing updates about our plants and products. Together, the cannabis community works to expand our knowledge of all cannabinoids so that we can improve the lives and overall wellness of those around us. I have found that the pioneers of the cannabis industry did an amazing job of documenting and sharing what they learned as they built the industry, so that those who followed in their footsteps could expand upon their work and continue to educate the world about the many benefits of not just CBD, but all cannabinoids. Until now we have mainly used our social media pages to provide updates. This blog will be another medium through which we can share what is happening on the farm and give you a glimpse into who we are and why we love what we do. I hope you enjoy the content. If you are looking for additional information about our products or our company visit http://www.northernnaturalshemp.com/. As we go along if you have thoughts or suggestions on topics you are interested in learning about, or just general suggestions on how the blog or our products could be improved, please feel free to contact me at nate@northernnaturalshemp.com.